Sub-postmaster was a great help

Usually people who work hard ‘behind the scenes’ remain there without any recognition for their endeavours.

Perhaps this is the case of the small post office in Cullercoats yet the service offered by the sub-postmaster and his team is excellent.

For the first time this summer I took on the role of GCSE exam marking.

This is a stressful job which involves strict deadlines and, something I had not appreciated, a huge reliance on postal services.

Early on, when a great deal of important papers where being sent to me and I was not at home to receive everything, the postmaster in Cullercoats made phone calls to depots on my behalf, put names to van drivers’ faces and supported me with reassurances that he would keep an eye on parcels being delivered in my absence.

Such a professional attitude meant that I felt less overwhelmed by the administration part of my job and could get on with the main task – marking.

I became an almost daily visitor, knowing that the letters and parcels I handed over were in good hands.

I could have put them in the pillar box directly but there really is something to be said for excellent, local, personal service.

I for one will carry on promoting the good work carried out at Cullercoats Post Office.

Ann C Purcell

Address supplied