Support People’s Centre centre as it belongs to you

Recently the Wallsend People’s Centre and the Wallsend Memorial Hall ran into financial trouble after having extensive modernisation carried out and the lenders required that the monies were to be repaid.

The bosses left or were finished and the place was due for closure, so the company who were owed the monies could move in and take it over with no chances of time to pay.

The staff had other ideas and took the place over and are at present working for no pay just in an attempt to keep it open.

They thought of the idea of running a table top sale every month to help running costs. The first one took place two weeks ago and I’m afraid the turnout was very poor, although it had very little in the way of advertising, little posters in Wallsend only and hearsay.

This is your centre, it belongs to the people, and I think that we as residents should support it to the best of our abilities. Donate any item you think may sell that is just cluttering up your space as this would be a big help, in fact any help would be really appreciated.

I have no say in the running of the centre and I am not one of the staff, just concerned for its future.

Keith Robertson