Surely pedestrians must have rights?

What on earth has happened to the ‘keep left traffic island’ in Earsdon Road opposite the Hunting Lodge pub?

As a 70-yearold have found the island to have been a safe route for crossing the road as a pedestrian to reach the post office at the top of Eastfield Road.

I see no reason to have to walk either north or south to find a lights controlled pedestrian crossing where I have to wait because traffic generally has the right of way and one gets wet from wheel spray from passing traffic and overspray from the local car wash.

Surely pedestrians must have some rights when it comes to crossing roads?

The council must realise most pedestrians are the most vulnerable road users and include elderly, disabled, children and parents with prams.

The traffic island has been a safe route to cross the road for many years now and inadequate traffic planners have once again taken basic safe rights away from pedestrians, including zebra crossings, in favour of inconsiderate vehicle drivers.

The whole system is geared up to favour road vehicles at the expense of the most vulnerable, the pedestrians.

I do understand that speed control cameras may not suit those drivers who are unaware of anyone but themselves when it comes from getting from ‘A to B’, but as long as they are intent of considering no one else but themselves then they must expect systems such as speed cameras to be installed to take them into control.

Earsdon Road and Cauldwell Lane in particular appear to be uncontrolled as far as speed is concerned, but what else do we expect from a ‘vehicle sensitive council’.

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