Surely they must know cycling laws better?

I have a big bugbear against adult cyclists riding on the pavement.

I can tolerate parents with young children or children on their own, but grown up adults should use the main roads at all time and pedestrians the pavements. Period.

On Sunday, February 9, at around lunch time, I was going up Marine Avenue when I saw two men in high-viz gear riding their bikes at a leisurely pace on the pavement (no cycle path on this stretch, it’s just a road and a pavement).

At one point they came across a couple pushing a pram and a little pavement congestion occurred (see my earlier point).

At the same time, a police white van appeared from round the corner and I stopped the driver pointing at the disappearing cyclists, asking for his advice.

The driver’s reply astonished me – as long as riders ride their bikes reasonably, it is perfectly acceptable to cycle the pavements and they can’t see anything wrong in this behaviour.

I have made some research since and came across Laws HA 1835 sect 72 & R(S)A 1984, sect 129, which categorically states and confirms my above mentioned point (as long as the pavement is not marked as ‘shared use cycle path’, cyclists must use the main road).

The pavement in question is not shared.

But I am no specialist on the matter and the representatives of the law surely must know better.

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