SURGERIES: Closure is scandalous

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I was absolutely dumbfounded when I received a pack with a letter stating that Earsdon Park Medical Practice in Shiremoor and Oxford Centre in Longbenton are to close in March 2018, putting doctors and their staff out of jobs.

It is scandalous. It beggars belief that the North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is making decisions to close a medical practice when so many houses are going to be built in Murton and Killingworth, regardless of residents’ concerns.

Patients of these two surgeries are being asked to register with other practices. What unnecessary added pressure is that going to put on already busy practices?

When all this housing is complete, then even more pressure is going to be put on the remaining practices.

It seems a ridiculous decision to make.

The CCG made the decision to change the walk-in centre at Rake Lane and the service is much poorer than it used to be.

Pamela Hood

Whitley Bay