Surprised by plans for road junction

As a regular, multi-user (car, bicycle and on foot) of the Billy Mill junction, I was pleasantly surprised by the detailed plans for the improvements to the Billy Mill and Norham Road junctions.

If they come to fruition as planned, I have little doubt that they will make the junctions far safer than at present.

Along with the cycling improvements to the Broadway, this is a good start for North Tyneside after years of piecemeal and often dangerous provision for cyclists.

I was also pleased to hear of the eventual upgrading of the existing Coast Road cycle route and the extension and segregation of the A191 cycle route all the way to the Newcastle border at Four Lane Ends.

And on a personal note, I will also be delighted when the A191 between Coach Lane and Four Land Ends is resurfaced as also promised.

North Tyneside cyclists will, I’m sure, keep the council to their myriad promises.

For the future, North Tyneside Council need to build on this promising start, ensuring that they work meaningfully with all stakeholders and continue to use creative design and engineering solutions, based upon evinced best practice, to eliminate the increasing conflicts between people who use roads differently.

Angus Ferguson

North Shields