Survey to take place in popular dene

Brierdene wildlife site in Whitley Bay.
Brierdene wildlife site in Whitley Bay.

A major survey is taking place at a popular wildlife park for the first time.

A Bio Blitz is taking place at Brierdene to formally record everything that grows, crawls, walks or flies in the dene.

Volunteers with an interest in nature are invited to attend the park on Saturday, August 9, between 10am and 3pm then from 8pm to 11pm.

The Brierdene Bio Blitz will be led by experts from the Environmental Records Information Centre (ERIC) at the Hancock Museum and Natural History Society.

The Dene is an award winning coastal site with natural grassland and scrub habitat, with an abundance of trees, shrubs, wild flowers and non-flowering plants. It is also a locally important site for birds, mammals, butterflies and bees.

Bio Blitz activities regularly take place throughout to UK but this is a first for North Tyneside.

The purpose is to record everything within a given area on a given day from trees, wild flowers and lichens to small mammals, insects and birds. The result will help give a better understanding and appreciation of the natural world that exists in the Brierdene.

Since Friends of Brierdene was formed 10 years ago, volunteers recorded 104 different species of birds, 21 different species of butterflies, ten different species of bumblebees and six different species of ladybirds along with various bugs, beetles, spiders and small mammals.