Tackling borough’s alcohol problems

MORE work is being done to tackle problems associated with alcohol.

Mayor Linda Arkley and Marietta Evans, the director of public health for North Tyneside, have pledged to renew efforts to tackle problems caused by alcohol.

The pledge comes during National Alcohol Awareness Week – from November 14 until 20.

Among the measures are plans to establish a borough-wide alcohol strategy group, bringing together partners from North Tyneside Council, health, police and the voluntary sector.

Mrs Arkley said: “We are all too aware of the negative impact that the unmanaged, excessive drinking of some people can have on our communities, as well as on our resources.

“It is therefore vital that we have a robust strategy in place to address these problems, and the alcohol strategy group will put this plan of action together.”

Ms Evans added: “I am very concerned about the levels of alcohol consumption in the borough, and the impact that this is having on some individuals and families.

“Through the alcohol strategy group we aim to develop a plan of effective measures to reduce the amount of alcohol adults and young people are drinking, address anti-social behaviour linked to excessive alcohol consumption, and provide better treatment and support for people who have alcohol problems.”

The council is also supporting Balance North East’s latest campaign to highlight the dangers of alcohol advertising.

The ‘See What Sam Sees’ initiative, targeted at parents, aims to highlight the impact that alcohol promotion can have on young people, as well as provide guidance on how they can protect their children from alcohol advertising.

For more information about sensible drinking and to carry out a self-assessment of drinking, visit www.nhs.uk