Taking action on road works

Excessive delays in road renewal works at Killingworth Road are making many people's lives miserable and massively disrupting road networks across the whole area.

Thursday, 16th August 2018, 4:48 pm
Mary Glindon MP.

I have been working with residents and councillors for a year in urging quick work with minimum local impact.

People living in Longbenton and Benton have been sorely inconvenienced as the original time-frame of six months has slipped considerably.

And the impact on their daily lives has been extremely disruptive.

I recently sent a sharp letter to Northern Gas Networks, whose work on moving gas pipes while keeping domestic supply going and removing asbestos, has delayed the road works.

My letter expressed frustration that the need for this work was not foreseen before work started.

And I sought an urgent meeting to discuss local concerns.

I am also critical of Newcastle City Council, which should have done more preparation.

I believe that it has not met its own promise to update local people and leaders.

This is in stark contrast to North Tyneside Council’s handling of the massive and bigger road works at the Silverlink Interchange, on the A19, where traffic is still running relatively smoothly.

The difference is that North Tyneside did eight months of detailed preparations before the work started, and the council regularly briefed MPs and councillors.

Northern Gas Networks is setting up a meeting and promises to keep residents updated.

Most importantly, it says that it is “confident the works will be completed by October”, assuming no further unforeseen delays.

Let’s hope so.

I will keep you posted.