Team aim to get residents active

Members of the Active North Tyneside team are on hand to help residents move more and live more.
Members of the Active North Tyneside team are on hand to help residents move more and live more.

A new approach has been launched to help residents improve their health through being more physically active.

North Tyneside Council’s sport and leisure and public health teams have come together to create ‘Active North Tyneside’.

The collaboration has resulted in a series of activities to encourage residents to ‘move more, live more’.

Marietta Evans, director of public health, said: “Physical activity is good for us.

“It helps fight disease, lower stress, boost confidence and even a little extra activity, done regularly, can make a big difference to someone’s health.”

Activities on offer cover all ages and include walking groups and activities in parks.

Dr Evans added: “We know that unfortunately there are some serious inequalities in the health of people who live in some parts of the borough compared to others.

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“There can be a difference in life expectancy of up to 11.6 years.

“We are also concerned that over half of our adult population and around a third of our children are overweight.

“That’s something we take very seriously and that’s why we have brought together our leisure and health improvement approaches for Active North Tyneside.”

Paul Youlden, sport and leisure senior manager, added: “The Active North Tyneside message is very simple – ‘move more, live more’. We want people to be healthier and feel happier through being more active.

“Results from our consultation gave a great insight into people’s attitudes to physical activity – whether that’s walking the dog, dancing, or something more structured.

“That helps us understand how we can support our residents to be more active in a way that will benefit themselves and their families.

“We know that an increase in physical activity alone will see an immediate health benefit but we also know that when this is combined with other lifestyle improvements such as stopping smoking, eating a healthier diet and drinking less alcohol, the benefits are likely to be much greater.”

The Active North Tyneside team will regularly refresh the activities on offer, also using different venues so as to be widely accessible to residents, regardless of where they live.

The majority of activities are free and are open to any resident to attend.

Over the coming weeks the Active North Tyneside team will also be recruiting ‘Community Health Champions’, volunteers who will be based in different parts of the borough to encourage and support people in their communities to join in and be more active.