Tempted to change my baby out in the open

I WAS interested to read the comments of David Thomas (News Guardian, letters, June 14).

I whole heartedly agree. Myself and my 20-month-old son were unfortunate enough to have to use this automatic public toilet after visiting the library.

The toilet was filthy and awash with water and urine on the floor.

I too paid my 20p and entered the cubicle, however, the door did not close after we had entered (I later discovered when leaving that this was because the pram which I had pushed well into the cubicle space and was nowhere near the door, was actually stopping the sensor on the door from working).

I needed to change my baby son and had to use the stainless steel ‘shelf’ that is supposed to be the changing facility in this toilet.

My child is of average height and weight for his age and I struggled to fit him on to such a small changing area.

I then had difficulty changing him due to the lack of space and not wanting to drop any of his clothing on the soaked floor, whilst in full view of other members of the public.

I myself also needed the toilet but was unable to use it due to the squalor and the door being wide open.

Once my son was safely strapped into his pram again I tried to wash my hands in the trickle of water coming out of the tap, and needless to say there was no soap.

I find this facility which serves both the park and the library completely unacceptable and cannot believe the council has the audacity to charge for it.

Next time I will be tempted to change my baby on his own clean changing mat on the lawn in front of the library as I am sure this would prove safer and more hygienic.


Whitley Bay