Ten arrested as part of crackdown on drug supply

News from Northumbria Police
News from Northumbria Police

Two people from Wallsend have been arrested as part of a crackdown on drugs in Newcastle.

Northumbria Police carried out a covert operation between May and July this year to identify those supplying drugs and legal highs in the city centre.

A total of ten people have been arrested and charged with a total of 41 drugs offences.

They will appear in court in due course.

Among them are Gavin Geddes, 33, of Bodmin Close, Wallsend, charged with two counts of supply or offer to supply a class C drug; and Catherine Farn, 33, also of Bodmin Close, charged with supply or offer to supply a class C drug.

Newcastle Chief Inspector Steve Ammari said: “These arrests were on the back of an excellent operation carried out in the city centre by Neighbourhood Inspector Darren Adams and Detective Sergeant Ian Randell and their teams.

“Thanks to their good work we were able to make arrests and bring charges against ten people suspected of being involved and seize a lot of drugs, including large amounts of heroin.

“We know the harm illegal drug use causes our communities and we are committed to tackling it at the source – the people who are suspected responsible for producing it and selling it to others.

“Hopefully this action should serve as a warning to those who think this kind of behaviour is acceptable that we won’t tolerate it and we will stop you.”