Tenants facing a 2.2% increase in their rent

Council tenants are facing the lowest rise in rent for 30 years.

Cabinet members at North Tyneside Council agreed to set an increase of 2.2 per cent for tenants – which will mean an average rise of £1.70 per week.

The council is also continuing to invest in its existing housing stock and progresses with its new build programme.

Coun John Harrison, cabinet member for housing, said: “Despite the big financial pressures on the council, we are determined to support tenants as much as possible.

“This is at the same time that we’re making great progress in building new affordable housing and ensuring our existing housing is maintained to a good standard, with £11m to be spent on new homes and £18m invested in our current housing stock within the next year alone.”

“The £18m will pay for a huge array of improvements, which, just to name a few, include 800 new boilers; over 430 kitchens and bathrooms; almost 300 new roofs for our existing homes; and £1m of this will be spent on disabled adaptations to support tenants to live independently.

“Also within the year, we will see real progress on the delivery of our £300m sheltered housing improvement scheme.”

The new rent covers the period from April 2015 to March 2016.