Thank you all for helping a stranger

I would like to thank the people who kindly stopped to help me after I tripped and fell in Albion Road, North Shields, on Wednesday, April 23.

I could not get up and was bleeding from my face.

Thanks to the parking attendant who was first on the scene and phoned and ambulance, Matthew the policeman who was passing in his patrol car and turned around to come to my aid, and the young lady whose name I didn’t get but who went to fetch my husband from home nearby.

Also the young man from Lloyds pharmacy, who brought a pad to stop the bleeding, and an angel called Natalie, who kept me warm with her own jacket.

She kept talking to me and asking me questions. I believe she had some medical training.

She also called to see me later in the day to make sure I was alright..

These people stayed with me until I was taken in an ambulance to hospital, and I am very grateful for their assistance.

These people all took the time to help a stranger and I believe they deserve recognition.

Noreen Brent

North Shields