Thank you seems to be inadequate

At the beginning of August I was taken, unexpectedly, seriously ill.

An ambulance was called to my home and I was taken to North Tyneside General Hospital in Rake Lane.

I was given immediate attention and admitted to the high dependency unit.

After a period of four days I was sufficiently well to be moved into a post surgical ward. Here I remained until the beginning of September when I returned home to continue my recovery.

It is impossible for me to give enough praise to all of the staff involved in my treatment; the professionalism, technical expertise and concerned care were of the highest standard.

I can only say a rather inadequate ‘thank you’ to all those who treated and cared for me.

I must add that throughout my time at the hospital, there was not the slightest hint of ageism – I am in my mid-seventies.

We are so fortunate to have such a hospital in our community.

My thanks must also go to those who designed and developed what is now a very complex operation. In the words of Tommy Trinder, ‘You lucky people’.

Brian William Slade

Whitley Bay