THANK YOU: The kindness of strangers

A note about what north east people are about.

My name is Ron Pearson and I am 81 years young, reasonably mobile, using a cane to get about.

On Saturday I tripped over a kerb and smashed my head into the pavement. My eyebrow gushed blood and it hurt.

A total stranger came and assisted in me getting to my feet. I don’t know how he did this alone as I am 15 stone. Almost immediately a guy turned up with a chair for me, then someone had asked a lady from a local store if she could help as I believe she was a first aider. The lady brought out paper towels to stem the blood, which was quite heavy. A nice young lady helped by just being there.

I was asked if an ambulance was needed, but I was somewhat dazed. Two police officers turned up and I think they called a paramedic. Very quickly the paramedic turned up and got to work on my eyebrow and stemmed the bleeding, before gluing me back into one piece.

He and his assistant were very thorough and careful, and the police stood by, along with the shop worker who let me use her phone all the time.

I was concerned about my car as there was no way I could drive as my glasses were in pieces. The police officer said he would drive me home, in my car, with his partner following. How nice can a copper get?

Once home I sat and collected myself and thought how good and caring all these strangers had been to me and I only hoped I thanked them enough. To the young lady who just sat with me, I thank her for just being there. I told her had I been 40 years younger I would ask her for her phone number.

As is normal, I sat with a cup of tea and thought how lucky I was to have such good people around to offer their help without question. The world isn’t all bad.

If I haven’t mentioned all the lovely people who were there, my apologies, and thank everyone again. I am on the road to recovery, and am getting new specs.

Ron Pearson

Whitley Bay