Thanks to everyone after dog’s accident

On Thursday, March 27, my cocker spaniel puppy Sandy was knocked down when she ran out of Alexandra Scott Park into Coach Lane and into the path of a van.

She sustained a number of injuries, a broken jaw, a shattered shoulder bone, and a broken pelvis. All non life threatening injuries.

Sandy’s screaming brought people out of their homes and to one lady who brought me a towel to wrap her in, thank you

The poor van driver took us to First Vets, who gave Sandy pain relief and the receptionist transported us to Ayres Terrace, were Sandy had an x-ray and transported to Croft Vetinary Hospital.

She has been kept comfortable until the insurance gives the go ahead.

A big thank you to everyone for their kindness, we are nearly at the £3,500 limit, but as all pet owners know when their pets are injured money is no object.

What this has highlighted to me is the kindness of strangers, but also the danger at the road entrance to the park.

There is no fencing that will stop children and dogs from running into this busy road.

I have therefore started a petition on to get North Tyneside Council to put fencing up to stop this happening to other pet owners or parents going through the horrendous experience of a loved one being it by a car.

A big thank you to everyone, hopefully Sandy will be playing with her ball again, her recovery will take a long time she will need more veterinary care but she is still enjoying her cuddles and wagging her tail.

Lorraine Brown

North Shields