Thanks to lifeguards for their assistance

I WOULD like to extend a special thank you to the RNLI lifeguards at Whitley’s beach.

We were thoroughly enjoying a walk with our dogs on Saturday morning having reached the north end of the beach near St Mary’s island.

We were watching a seal in the water, but when one of our animals became too interested we turned and ran towards the south to distract his attention.

They all followed, but the added exertion was too much for my diabetic husband who felt himself becoming low. He needed to sit down and also needed sugar or glucose.

He sank on to the sand as I searched for sweets in my bag, but there were none.

Then to my relief I realised there were two lifeguards walking towards me.

They had the medication we needed back at their base and quickly put in a call for it.

They then carried out precise checks and established it was a normal hypo.

Then a quad bike arrived with a third lifeguard carrying the necessary glucose.

My husband was then advised to sit for a few minutes before we were finally escorted towards the Briar Dene car park steps with my husband now in a fit condition.

Being a diabetic dependent on insulin is not as easy as it seems. My husband had had enough insulin and a sensible breakfast to carry out a quiet morning pottering at home, but then I suggested he join me on the walk and everything altered due to the additional exercise.

It really is a question of balancing food, insulin and exercise. And I must replenish my supplies of sweets.


Whitley Bay