The changes made little difference

The ongoing A192/Earsdon Road traffic saga has detailed arguments on both sides; and adjustments to timings have made very little difference in residents’ concerns.

As a daily user of said stretch, my passage to and from home takes longer than ever before.

There are only two congested entrances to Monkseaton and Whitley Bay.

Technology exists to activate lights only when traffic is waiting - something which does not appear to have been implemented.

Private industry would have halted the development, and/or demanded changes were made based on original specification.

Doubtless no single person at North Tyneside Council will have overseen or controlled the project.

‘Experts’ designed the road system – I’ll tell you anything you want as an ‘expert’ if you pay me enough. Or perhaps it’s part of North Tyneside Council’s ongoing ‘War On The Motorist’ project.

This includes lots of helpful ideas such as pedestrian crossings every 20 metres, junctions with no specific improvement purpose, magic changing speed limits, and cycle lanes to nowhere.

It appears clear the council will be doing nothing further about the situation, as by now they have probably moved on to the next ridiculous scheme.

Traffic lights by Sainsbury next perhaps?

Perhaps low voting turnouts represent public opinion – nobody trusts councils or politicians.

Alistair Thompson

Whitley Bay