The ‘dog minders’ should be licensed

I AGREE wholeheartedly with the correspondent (News Guardian, letters September 15) that the welfare of the animals should be the primary consideration and that only by operating a licensing system can the council control who is fit to look after animals for profit and who is not.

The unofficial backstreet minders should not be allowed to thrive at the expense of the licensed, tax-paying legal proprietors in the area.

I regularly walk past one of these day centres and as a dog lover myself, I find it quite upsetting to see a group of dogs waiting and watching for their owners to collect them.

Tales of Greyfriars Bobby (Edinburgh) and Wandering Willie (Tynemouth) spring to mind.

The council should be more vigorous in closing down unlicensed ‘kennels’.

Why have a dog if you don’t want it living with you? Or if you have to have it looked after, at least use a legal company.