The Grey Pride campaign is a worthy cause

Everyone should vote and protect their interests and those around them, whichever way they see it.

Older people, many of whom remember the war against fascism or have a greater emotional connection with it, vote more reliably than most.

And there is much that older people should be concerned about. The deterioration in social care, for instance, that means more elderly people wind up in hospital when they could be at home.

Anchor, the largest not-for-profit provider of care and housing for older people in Britain, is seeking support for its Grey Pride campaign, which asks parties to appoint a minister for older people. Anchor has done polling which says that most over 55s will vote and also believe there should be someone in Cabinet batting for their interests.

Anchor believes that having such a post will ensure that the many issues that face all elderly people go straight to the top. These issues affect more and more people who live longer.

But the key is that everyone should use their vote.

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