There are lots of good samaritans

On Monday, October 26, at about 10.30am, I ventured out to my local post office in Earsdon Road, West Monkseaton, to do some business.

I hoped thereafter to continue my journey to North Shields to attend a dental appointment, regardless of the rain.

However, I had not realised how strong the wind was until I struggled to put my umbrella up and prevent a ‘Mary Poppins’ scene taking place.

Help was at hand, however, when a lady came to my assistance and hailed her husband who had been waiting for her in his car nearby, requesting him to take me safely home – only streets away, but which he did.

Needless to say I was extremely grateful to be back indoors and able to cancel my appointment until calmer weather comes along.

In my distress, I did not ask their names, but did manage to say ‘thank you’.

I know they are local and would just like them to know how much I appreciated their kindness.

There are still lots of good samaritans around, and I thank God for that.

Emily Craggs

Whitley Bay