There must be a safer solution

Cycling in London is not for the faint-hearted with an annual increase of nine per cent in cyclist-related accidents.

Most cyclists behave responsibly but many run red lights, have little regard for pedestrians, do not signal, have no lights fitted, and position themselves close alongside large vehicles.

With a current annual growth of two per cent in vehicles on UK roads, lessons must be learned to improve safety for cyclists.

So what has this got to do with the north east?

With seven children injured or killed on UK roads everyday either walking or cycling to school, whatever changes we propose to the infrastructure as responsible adults must be the best possible solution.

North Tyneside Council have recently posted Traffic Notices at the Tynemouth end of The Broadway prior to constructing a cycleway on both sides directly adjacent to the highway.

There has never been a cyclist-related accident in the Tynemouth area for many years, so why are we now creating the very situation we should do our utmost to avoid, close contact between cyclists and vehicles?

Review of the basic drawings reveals many risk elements for all concerned and the lack of good planning beginning to unravel. Costing over £500,000 there must be a safer solution to the benefit of all be it cyclists, pedestrians, bus users, residents and the ever increasing motorists. We must ensure the safety of the young who are our future in the most meaningful way we can.

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