These children are our brilliant future

WHAT a pleasure it was to take part in the Wallsend Youth World Cafe event on Tuesday.

A team of children from the three high schools serving Wallsend – Burnside, Churchill and St Thomas More – had invited decision makers from all sorts of professional disciplines to discuss with them how they could work together to make Wallsend a better place and how they could share their talents in the wider world.

It was very impressive to see how the young people raised issues and listened to other people’s points of view.

I am sure that the adult participants were encouraged by their approach and pleased to make their pledges about what they could do to support young people in the coming year.

What was most striking, though, were the qualities and spirit of the young people.

They were open, genuine and optimistic.

As one of the children put it, “Wallsend: an amazing past and a brilliant future!”

These children are our brilliant future.

Well done to everyone concerned in this event.