These figures should have been considered

IN a recent government statement along with statistics, it stated that since the 20mph was introduced in various areas across the UK, the accident rate in these areas has increased by 24 per cent.

It also stated that consideration should be given as to which areas these 20mph limits are introduced and the local population views should be considered.

I have approached North Tyneside Council on this matter and have requested it considers its overall policy.

At a cabinet meeting on August 13, despite having the latest government details available to them, members decided to go ahead with the blanket policy.

I was originally informed by my local councillor Mr E Hodson, responsible for transport, that this measure would reduce accidents.

Now that the government figures have proved otherwise, you would think this would be taken into consideration before proceeding.

I doubt that families with children will accept a 24 per cent increase in accidents.


Whitley Bay