Thieves taking cyclists for a ride after 33 thefts

IN the last two months more than 30 bicycles have been stolen in North Tyneside.

Police are now appealing for cyclists to take care in protecting their bike from thieves.

Officers are also targeting patrols aimed at ‘hot spot’ areas where thefts have taken place.

Of the 33 bikes stolen inside two months, eight were left insecure by their owners.

Temporary Chief Inspector Adrian Tallantyre, of North Tyneside area command, said: “Cycle security needs to be taken seriously by riders, in the same way you check your tyres for punctures make sure you have adequate security.

“Don’t make it easy for thieves to simply take your bike for a ride.

“And don’t forget to always lock your bike when you dismount, even if you’re just calling into a shop for a moment.

“A few seconds is all it takes for an opportunist thief to jump on a bike and ride it away.

“And make sure the security measures work well.”

Officers are urging cyclists to use a secure D-Lock rather than a chain or wire lock, also to ensure they fix them to immovable objects and are secure them through the frame, with moveable parts, such as wheels or seats, also fastened.

Police suggest cyclists should consider buying a security marking device, and lock up their bikes in areas covered by CCTV which are well lit and passed through by the public.

Crime prevention advice for bicycle owners:

Always use a bicycle lock, even if you’re just leaving a bike for a short time

Remember if you keep your bike in a shed make sure the shed is also secured

Secure your bicycle with a good quality chain and padlock through the frame

Always do this, even if you’re only leaving it for a short time in a public place

Chain your cycle to a secure item such as a metal fence or lamp post, to stop it being carried away

Never leave bicycles unlocked in gardens or propped against wall, even for a few minutes.