This proposal may well put lives at risk

I AM writing regarding the letter about the new proposal for turning buses round Monkseaton Drive and Claremont Road (News Guardian, February 16).

Surely the council realise they may well be putting people’s lives at risk by this proposal.

Since there will be so many extra buses a day using these streets to turn, the residents will not only be subjected to more noise and pollution from them, they and their families, of all ages, may well be at greater risk of an accident.

I don’t live in the streets concerned, which is just as well, as I could probably expect the value of my property to drop as a result of the proposals, and could well foresee problems in being able to sell it.

Since the council is considering selling the land as ‘previously used and no longer required’, this in my opinion smacks of misrepresentation, which may well interest the ombudsman.


North Shields