This work is now long overdue

I read Coun O’Shea’s letter (News Guardian, June 26) regarding the work scheduled to start in July 2014 on the next stage of the Dome refurbishment and the programme for the demolition of the three sites which are now owned by North Tyneside Council.

Everyone hopes this works progresses without delay and some sensible start is made to utilise the Heritage Lottery money North Tyneside Council has received and we start to see an improvement to the seafront.

It is so long overdue now.

We do have the new piazza area and this is a ‘beginning’ to what is promised, but also the toilet block at Watts Slope, which has been in situ for half a century, needs a complete refurbishment to compliment what is to come.

And the letter headed ‘grass cutting’ (News Guardian, July 3) echoes what the public are thinking, and although the maintenance of the grassed areas along the seafront dual carriageway and Links area at Whitley Bay are being cut, the work is not up to the previous standard.

Walking along the promenade, which is very popular in this lovely weather, the side grassed slopes from Rendezvous Cafe going south are a disgrace, we have never seen them so unkempt and wonder if there is a reason for this, apart from the council stating that this is a necessary economy as they have savings to make.

Local residents and visitors walk along this excellent promenade for all the right reasons, the beautiful vista of the North Sea and the beach and then this whole ambience is ruined looking at the banks of overgrown grass and rampant weeds which are growing taller each time we go for our daily walk.

There are mechanical cutters and strimmers, and the personnel who are seeking jobs that could be supervised to get this area under control.

Reference is continually being made to South Shields and the north east now has a group of local councils working together.

Surely North Tyneside Council could reference the way South Tyneside Council maintains and manages its seafront and leisure facilities and work together in partnership to assist North Tyneside Council to make Whitley Bay a pleasant seaside town once again.

We all know money is tight and local authorities are having to make great savings, but I feel there will be funding out there for the areas mentioned.

Heather Carr

Whitley Bay