Three rescued after boat breaks down

RNLI Cullercoats Lifeboat Hylton Burdon. Picture by Michael Scott/RNLI.
RNLI Cullercoats Lifeboat Hylton Burdon. Picture by Michael Scott/RNLI.

Three people were rescued after their boat broke down off the coast at Cullercoats.

RNLI Cullercoats lifeboat was called out at 9.20pm on Wednesday, July 23, after reports that the boat was stranded and had no way of reaching shore with darkness quickly drawing in.

The volunteer crew – Ben Bradshaw, Helmsman, Ross Dunn, Kris Wilkinson and George Redfern-Lown – launched and were on the scene within seven minutes of the request.

Once there, they came across a 5-metre rib boat with three people on-board, who were from the Wallsend area.

The casualties explained that they were sailing south from Blyth on the way back to the river Tyne when they suffered a mechanical breakdown some 100 metres from shore.

After attempts to repair the problem failed assistance from Cullercoats lifeboat was requested.

The boat and the three people on-board were then safely towed back to Cullercoats Harbour.

Helmsman Ben Bradshaw said: “Once at the scene, I noticed that they had anchored their boat which was the correct thing to do.

“It meant that they did not drift further out to sea and had maintained their position.

“The rib boat itself was in good condition and was correctly lit. It appeared they suffered a mechanical fault.”