Thugs attack couple on board ferry

A COUPLE were assaulted and robbed on board a ferry from North Shields at the weekend.

The attack was carried out just before midnight on Saturday on the King Seaways DFDS ferry. The ship had left North Shields the night before bound for Amsterdam.

A 19-year-old man and his girlfriend were approached by a group of men on a staircase between the third and fourth floors of the vessel after leaving the evening’s entertainment.

An altercation took place, and one of the men in the group punched the teenager as he tried to get away from them with his girlfriend.

They were followed by the group, and both the man and the woman were assaulted.

During the attack, the woman’s glasses were knocked off and her handbag was stolen.

Two of the men involved had Tyneside accents. Both are thought to have been wearing tracksuits and polo shirts.

One is said to be white, about 21 years old, of chubby build and 5ft 9in tall, with short blond hair.

The other is described as being about 20 years old, of slimmer build and 5ft 8in tall, with fair or ginger hair shaved short.

Police are appealing for any potential witnesses to contact them on 03456 043043 ext 69191.