Thumbs-up for plan to cut emissions

COUNCIL officials have set out how they will reduce greenhouse gases by at least a fifth over the next eight years.

North Tyneside Council has submitted a sustainable energy action plan to the European Covenant of Mayors setting out its commitment to climate change, and the blueprint has been given the thumbs-up.

Borough mayor Linda Arkley said: “As a council, we are working very hard to ensure that our carbon emissions are managed.

“The action plan has multiple benefits, including reducing fuel poverty and improving the borough’s energy efficiency.

“It means the project will have a positive impact on the current economic situation facing our residents and businesses.

“I’m delighted that North Tyneside is being recognised for all of its efforts, and I would urge residents and businesses to help us reduce our carbon footprint.”

The borough’s endeavours to reduce its carbon footprint have also been recognised in recent government figures. The data reveals that in North Tyneside the fall in greenhouse gases per person is among the biggest in the country, thanks to initiatives including increasing of recycling and composting rates and the government’s Decent Homes programme.