Time for change in regard to dogs

Due to the regular correspondence regarding dog fouling and attacks in North Tyneside, it is obvious there is a problem.

North Tyneside Council for a long time has expected people using the beaches and parks to be the suffering silent on the matter of dogs and their increasing numbers.

However, the health implications of fouling and attacks are too serious to be ignored and a change of policy needs to be implemented by the council.

I am afraid to say to all dog owners that children and families should be at the forefront for these facilities.

After all, the majority of people are not dog owners and would like to be able to enjoy our coastline and parks without the anti-social barking, hindrance and mess of dogs.

The council should start by making all of Tynemouth beach dog-free all year instead of half a beach for half a year, where they may qualify for a Blue Flag Afor the whole beach which would encourage more tourism.

They should also implement bans in some of their parks including Northumberland Park, which is currently going through a £2.2m redevelopment due to a Parks for People lottery grant.

Unless action is taken it will return to being a dogs’ toilet as it was before with very few children and families visiting.

There also seems to be double standards shown when it comes to issuing fines to irresponsible dog owners in comparison to handing out heavy handed parking fines throughout the borough – I don’t ever recall seeing a dog warden deterrent van like other councils.

As I have mentioned before – it is time for a change by North Tyneside Council if they have the courage to put up with the initial furore to make things long term a better borough to live in.

Tynemouth resident

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