Time to invest in young people

MANY parents in North Tyneside must be concerned about the future for their children in this recession, which is depriving their children of jobs and training for future employment.

I attended both the North Tyneside Council Cullercoats consultative meeting on Wednesday, July 6, and the North Shields area forum on September 21, both held at Cullercoats Community Centre, and although there were some interesting proposals the emphasis was how to keep up the price of real estate along the seafront and encourage tourism.

At no time was consideration given for the young people to include youth facilities and give good quality career advice in an area of mass unemployment, many of whom are under 21.

Youth services should not be cut but increased so as to include teenagers in their community and develop their abilities for work and training.

There are many schools that are empty of an evening and these could be brought into use without much cost.

When the council sets its budget it should take bold decisions to invest in our young people because they are the future.