Toddler traps mum in toilet

A TODDLER trapped his mum in the toilet of their Wallsend home after accidentally wedging its door shut.

Claire McGinty had been getting ready for work in the bathroom of the first-floor flat when her son Flynn came running in.

The two-year-old then ran out again, closing the door behind him, but as he did so, he knocked over a portable safety gate propped up against the wall opposite, wedging it against the bathroom door. That jammed the outward-opening door shut, leaving Claire trapped.

The single mum, a radiographer at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, began to fear that Flynn would either escape out of a cat flap, a trick he had learnt to do recently, or come to harm by being in the flat on his own.

After 20 minutes of shouting for help out of a window, two neighbours, John Hogg and Brian Tucker, heard her cries and went to her aid.

They were able to scale the fence of her rear courtyard and managed to get hold of a key left near the back door earlier in the morning after Flynn had squeezed through the cat flap and got outside.

Claire said: “If Flynn hadn’t escaped earlier in the morning, I’d never have left the key near the door, so John and Brian would never have been able to get in.

“They would have had to call the fire brigade.

“I want to thank John and Brian for rescuing me.

“When I saw my neighbours out of the bathroom window, I just started crying. I was just so relieved as I was worried that Flynn could have escaped out of the cat flap.

“I tried taking the door off its hinges, but it wouldn’t budge.

“When I got out of the bathroom, Flynn was running around the living room in just his nappy.”

Claire now keeps her child safety gate well away from the bathroom.