TOILETS: Very little provision

I am alarmed at the closure of public toilets in North Shields.

Wednesday, 7th February 2018, 6:08 am

There is one toilet in the library that opens at 9am, but is closed on Sunday.

There is one on the fish quay and one on the ferry landing. If anyone who has health problems has to use them, there are two big banks to go down to get to the toilets.

My friend and I met the mayor in November 2016 at the Beacon Centre. She told us that toilets were top of the agenda. We’re still waiting.

You could get a bus to Whitley Bay or Wallsend, there are plenty of toilets open there.

We have had holidaymakers and shoppers asking for the nearest public toilets. We tell them if you wait until 9am, use the public library, but not on Sunday or public holidays.

Come on Mayor Redfearn, think about North Shields.

Mr R Elsy

North Shields