Tories choose Nick to run for Tynemouth

Nick Varley, Conservative candidate for Tynemouth constituency.
Nick Varley, Conservative candidate for Tynemouth constituency.

The Conservative party have selected their candidate for the Tynemouth constituency for the General Election on June 8.

Nick Varley, who was brought up in County Durham, says he wants to breathe new life into the North Shields fishing industry and help bring more jobs to Tyneside.

He was head of the ground campaign for Vote Leave during the EU Referendum, and says is committed to getting the best Brexit deal possible for the UK and Tyneside.

If elected, Nick is pledging to help grow the Tyneside economy, boost the fishing industry and push to secure more parental choice over schools.

Nick said: “It’s a privilege to be the Conservative candidate for Tynemouth and I am looking forward to the campaign.

“It is time ordinary working people here have a strong Conservative voice to represent them

“Tynemouth needs a local MP who can deliver for local people and this election can also help us get the strong and stable leadership we need to see us through Brexit.

“I will be working hard to boost our economy, deliver a boost to our fishing industry and play my part in helping Theresa May secure the best Brexit deal for all of us.”