Tories suffer blow in North Tyneside as they lose five seats

The Local Election Count at the Parks Sports Centre, North Shields.
The Local Election Count at the Parks Sports Centre, North Shields.

LABOUR have strengthened their position on North Tyneside Council after taking six seats at the local elections.

The party snatched five off the Conservative Party and took one from the Liberal Democrats.

It is the second year in a row that the Tories have lost five or more seats on the council.

The result now means that Conservative mayor Linda Arkley will have to rely on the support of one or both opposition parties to have any future budgets approved.

Following the results earlier today, the council is now made up of 35 Labour councillors, 19 Conservative and six Lib Dems.

Mrs Arkley needs 20 councillors plus herself under the mayoral-system to have her budget passed.

Labour took seats off the Tories in Killingworth, Monkseaton South, Whitley Bay, Benton and Collingwood while claimed Wallsend from the Lib Dems.

After the election result, Mrs Arkley was confident of still getting her budget passed, highlighting all the good in the borough.

She said: “Labour have had the trade union support and they’ve run a high profile campaign, which we could never match.

“I was elected on the priorities that I’ve set out and taken forward, such as the regeneration of Whitley Bay, Wallsend and North Shields.

“I’ve kept the council tax down. I feel the council has given really good value for money with frontline services.

“But its disappointing how some mis-information has been distributed by the Labour Party.”

Mrs Arkley added: “Nationally, this has been some feedback for the government that the people are not happy.”

An elated Coun Jim Allan, Labour group leader, said he believed the results showed that the party was on its way back in the borough.

“For two years I’ve tried to work on positive news for the benefit of the people of North Tyneside,” he said.

“We need the council to be competitive, we have to work together to do that.

“The result today is as good as winning a council.

“Labour is now the biggest party on the council and would be in control if it wasn’t for the mayoral system.”

Lib Dem leader Nigel Huscroft, who lost his seat in Wallsend after 24 years, blamed national party leader Nick Clegg for his defeat.

He said: “The bottom line is Nick Clegg did to me what the Labour Party couldn’t for 24 years. I hope he’s feeling very pleased with himself.”


Lesley Spillard (Labour Party) 1,962

Dorothy Bradley (Liberal Democrat) 1,133

Majority: 829


Janet Hunter (Labour ) 2,060

John Goodfellow (Conservative) 1,613

Bob Watson (Liberal Democrat) 149

Majority: 447


Ray Glindon (Labour) 1,946

Ray Taylor (Conservative) 621

Majority: 1,325


David Ekin Corkey (Labour) 1,841

Sue Rodgerson (Conservative) 579

Majority: 1,262


Martin Gibson Rankin (Labour) 2,106

Paul Bunyan (Conservative) 1,356

Norma Playle (Liberal Democrat) 146

Majority: 750


George Crighton Westwater (Conservative) 1,995

Ron Bales (Labour) 1,838

Majority: 157


John Harrison (Labour) 1,884

Paul James Moat (Liberal Democrat) 437

Roger Nigel Batten (National Front) 295

Majority: 1,447


Alison Waggott-Fairley (Labour) 1,872

Nigel Donald Clotheir ( Conservative Party) 1,259

Thomas Barton (Liberal Democrat) 169

Majority: 613


Kevin Conroy (Labour) 2,029

Robin Arthur Underwood (Conservative) 544

Mark Raymond Nicholls (National Front) 208

Majority: 1,485


Paul Mason (Conservative) 1,943

Glenn Martin Stillaway (Labour) 1,201

David Nisbet (Liberal Democrat) 296

Majority: 742


Bill Caithness (Labour) 1,863

Ken Mewett (Conservative) 1,580

Charles Edward Michael Hall (Liberal Democrat) 280

Majority: 283


David Ord (Liberal Democrat) 1,485

Malcolm Redhead (Labour) 1,100

Majority: 385


David Alan Sarin (Conservative) 1,654

Catherine Blyth (Labour Party) 1,465

Wil Taylor (Liberal Democrat) 153

Majority: 189


Norma Redfearn (Labour) 1,775

Matt Galley (Conservative) 442

Andy Hudson (Liberal Democrat) 249

Majority: 1,333


Ed Hodson (Conservative) 2,820

Simon Douglas Philpott (Labour) 784

Julia Anne Erskine (Green) 206

Michael Day (Liberal Democrat) 214

Majority: 2,036


Jean Frances McLaughlin (Conservative) 2,029

Jeffrey Maughan (Labour) 1,787

Clare Barton (Liberal Democrat) 248

Majority: 242


Carole Ann Gambling (Labour) 2,064

Leon Edward Rodda (Conservative) 661

Majority: 1,403


Jules Rutherford (Labour) 1,532

Nigel John Huscroft (Liberal Democrat) 1,061

Alan Edward Mattinson (Independent) 187

Martin Collins (Green) 143

Majority: 471


Muriel Green (Labour) 2,196

Andrew Charles Elliott (Conservative) 1,498

Majority: 698


John O’Shea (Labour Party) 1,512

Alison Austin (Conservative) 1,441

John Christopher Appleby (Liberal Democrat) 179

Dorothy Brooke (British National Party) 96

Majority: 71