Traffic control has to be sorted out

I have spent the last five weeks driving 3,000 miles in Europe – the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Hungary.

Almost everywhere, traffic lights and pedestrian crossing lights are co-ordinated to allow a free flow (green wave) of traffic.

Motorways, major roads and even urban roads are getting sound walls, fences and banks to minimise the noise nuisance to residential areas.

Cycleways are well segregated from vehicular traffic. And new estates often combine all of these features to make residential areas more pleasant.

I return to the UK and find myself stopped at the traffic lights on Earsdon Road with a completely empty road in front of me, giving me time to contemplate how Taylor Wimpey’s concept for its West Park estate fails to reach even minimal standards in any of the above respects.

Perhaps North Tyneside should apply for an injunction halting all work on the West Park site until the traffic control arrangements are sorted out – at least by a sensible configuration of the traffic lights, but preferably as I advocated weeks ago by a complete change to the layout.

Maybe we will then get adequate attention to the impact of the new estate on residents.

AM Hulme

Whitley Bay