Traffic lights are a pressing concern

It was good to see the letter from North Tyneside Council’s head of environment Phil Scott in response to concerns regarding the damage incurred to Beaconsfield (News Guardian, May 22).

And I must say, I agree with him (in principle as I don’t know the revenue generated) that on balance, some remedial work to the field is a good trade off for an increase in tourism.

However, it would be good to see the council addressing more important and relevant concerns such as that of many residents recently regarding wastage of tax payers’ money and increased building on green belt sites.

For example, a response to Carol Suddes’ letter in the same edition would be widely appreciated I’m sure by many residents regarding the current West Park development and the subsequent traffic management issues.

I myself contacted the council recently to complain about the state of the new traffic lights at Earsdon Road and was told they were ‘being monitored by experts’ as there had been a number of complaints about them.

That was three weeks ago and nothing has changed.

Perhaps the council could get its own circus in order and address the more pressing concerns of its tax payers.

Kris May

Whitley Bay