Traffic lights have solved a problem

In response to the letter regarding residents from South Wellfield never having a problem joining Earsdon Road.

There has always been a major problem exiting the estate to travel to Whitley Bay and when returning from Shiremoor to enter the estate.

Having lived on the estate for 18 years I know what I am talking about having seen a fair number of accidents over the years.

Many motorists enter the estate on school mornings with the traffic lights now ensuring the children’s safety as parents used to have to sit quite sometime to cross over the dual carriageway and at times take a risk with traffic speeding.

Congratulations to the council for resolving this problem before someone was killed, it was only a matter of time before this happened.

Residents can now safely exit and enter South Wellfield.

Also, is it not time for motorists using the dual carriageways to observe the speed limit from the roundabout just past the Beacon to the Holystone roundabout, which is now 40mph.

Perhaps I should run a campaign to have speed cameras erected to slow all the frustrated motorists down who are now having their journeys lengthened due to the traffic lights and are blatantly disregarding the speed limit.

Ted Ilderton

Address supplied