TRAFFIC: Sympathy was lacking

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Due to residents’ concerns in Longbenton that there might be a serious accident at the West Farm Avenue–Benton Lane–Goathland Avenue junction due to the council putting in a temporary bus lane leading to Four Lane Ends, reducing to one lane four lanes of traffic to merge into, creating gridlock and air pollution, I’ve had a meeting with Mary Glindon MP, Nick Bryan highways network manager, and Joan Walker, local councillor.

Although Mary was very sympathetic to my concerns, my conclusion was that both Nick and Joan were unsympathetic and we would have to put up with the extra congestion and poisonous car fumes caused by this bus lane, which the council thought was a good idea.

There was some good news – Nick said that the temporary bus lane will be removed in February, which begs the question, why is it there in the first place?

Mr M Kendall