TRAFFIC: Worsening congestion

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I had to smile when North Tyneside Council said it was going to ease traffic congestion through improvements at West Moor, more bus lanes and traffic lights on roundabouts.

In my opinion, everything in the past it has done (as well as Newcastle City Council) has resulted in traffic congestion becoming ten times worse.

Ask the people who now sit everyday in worsening traffic chaos after its so-called traffic improvements.

I feel sorry for the motorists and residents of West Moor because you will have traffic gridlock backing up to Killingworth and Forest Hall when the council has finished, with the additional pollution it brings.

I also happen to think that the adding of more bus lanes will be an excuse for more revenue raising, with the addition of cameras 24 hours a day, as in Salters Lane. Again, using the motorist as a cash cow.

Mr M Kendall