Tree light is a festive tribute

A Wallsend woman will be make a special tribute to her sister this year.

Allison Cotcher’s sister Moira died in July this year after spending two weeks on the inpatient ward at St Oswald’s Hospice.

Now she will join others in remembering their loved ones after dedicating a light as part of the organisation’s Light up a Life campaign.

Allison said: “Moira was first taken into St Oswald’s for pain management, to try and help stabilise her condition.

“Moira had lung cancer, and was eventually admitted as an inpatient at the Hospice.

“The care and support from staff ensured our family and friends were left with happy memories of the time she spent at the Hospice.

“Those nurses gave Moira her quality of life back and helped her to make the most of her last few weeks.

“I had done Light up a Life before, in memory of my mother in law, but I decided to remember Moira this year.

“I think Christmas is the hardest time when you have lost someone. It’s my first Christmas without Moira and it will be tough, but by doing Light up Life, I feel I have done something to celebrate her life at this time of year.”

Davina Radford, Chaplain at St Oswald’s, added: “Light up a Life is a very special evening, and an opportunity for people to come together at this special time of year and reflect on those loved ones who are no longer with us.”

For more information on Light up a Life call (0191) 246 9123, email or visit