Trim areas only on the main roads

I kind of agree with the writer of the piece regarding its a north-south divide on verges (News Guardian, July 3), in that the council should keep all of the borough beautifully manicured, weed free grassed areas and even painting the grass green (not implying they do, but it would look nice in places, no, stop this joke).

I would like to differ with one point, though.

The council should only trim verges between some main roads, such as the Coast Road and A19.

Allow these verges to grow tall as a natural barrier, this could potentially stop people running across these roads, and for a bigger annoyance, people who rubber-neck to try and see some gruesome accident on the other side to which they are travelling, causing both sides to become clogged

Personally I don’t think someone who has had any accident would want anyone watching (suppose we could blame a fourth TV channel for evolving us in this culture).

Oh how we complain ... don’t get me started on those lights in Earsdon Road, if they change the light sequence ...

Keith Pattison

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