Trio ordered away from Metro station

Work is taking place to crack down on anti-social behaviour in the borough.

Metro officers are helping to tackle the problem by issuing dispersal orders.

Three men were issued with dispersal orders at Tynemouth Metro Station.

The orders – introduced as part of the new Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), Crime and Policing Act 2014 last year – mean people believed to be causing, or likely to cause anti-social behaviour, have to leave the area for up to 48 hours.

Officers issued the orders forcing the three men to leave the area of Tynemouth Metro Station after causing a nuisance around the station footbridge.

Metro Unit Inspector Ian King said: “We’re working closely with Neighbourhood Policing Teams to tackle concerns from the public about people causing a nuisance, causing disorder and anti-social behaviour around Metro stations.

“This weekend officers took action against three men at Tynemouth and issued them with dispersal orders, meaning they had to leave the area. If they returned enforcement action could be taken.

“This is an example of the action we are taking to support local officers in tackling the issues of most concern, as well as making sure the force’s Metro trains and stations continue to be safe place to be.”