TRIP: Expense is justified

I'd like to express my dismay at the story about North Tyneside Council's travel expenses to Belgium, (News Guardian, August 23).

Monday, 10th September 2018, 6:31 am

As a regular traveller, I can tell you that flights during the week on this route are frequently extortionate (flight operator monopoly) so the cost doesn’t surprise me. The hotel costs were wholly reasonable.

Equally, a £30m and hundreds of jobs return on this, and doubtless other efforts by the council towards Smulders, seems like a great investment to me.

Would Coun Wallace condemn the council if for every £1 spent, the borough got £15,000 back, as per this deal?

The council should be applauded for this proactive engagement and seeking to bring the exciting offshore wind industry to Tyneside and revitalising the old shipyards.

Gareth Ellery

Whitley Bay