Trip to the seafront ruined by dog mess

I AM writing in the hope that the local authority will do something about owners not cleaning up their dog faeces as it seems that what they have in place now is nothing more than a paper exercise.

I live on the Broadway in Cullercoats and on Mother’s Day, along with my family, decided to take a walk onto the beach with my niece and nephew who are aged two and three.

They live in the country and were so excited to be visiting the beach. Unfortunately our walk down Mast Lane to Cullercoats Bay was a disgrace, mounds of dog faeces were everywhere.

It was embarrassing and disgusting.

When we eventually reached the seafront the children shrieked with delight shouting seaside, excited at seeing the sea, boats and sand as they clambered up the seats for a better view.

As the tide was out we decided to go onto Cullercoats beach and began our decent down the stairs.

Holding hands and counting steps we were again halted by, yes, more dog faeces on several of the steps.

The children were able to enjoy themselves on the sand once we reached it.

I am not against dogs, as I have a dog and take full responsibility for it.

Unfortunately not everyone does, so why should the rest of us suffer their negligence?

Tax payers’ money is being spent on updating the coastal area so perhaps some can be used to make it a pleasant and not a pongy place to be.

On leaving the beach we used the underpass planning to have an ice cream at Beaches and Cream.

Having already faced embarrassment, I was worried that going through the underpass would add to this as it often smells.

But to my surprise it was clean and the children had fun shouting, listening to their voices echo.

Unfortunately we reached the stairs on the other side and they were covered in broken glass from beer bottles.

As a member of the community I urge the council to do something.

I know this has been talked about on many occasions over the years as it is a talking point on the beach when we walk our dog.

I know there is greater human traffic in the summer and bank holidays, and policing the area would be difficult, but this is a problem all year.


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