Trust helping young people

IT is a sobering thought that around a quarter of children living in the north east are growing up in poverty.

Too many are living without the basics that many of us take for granted – clean clothes, a bed of their own and books to read at bedtime.

Worryingly, a new report by The Prince’s Trust and RBS reveals that there is nothing short of an aspiration chasm between the region’s richest and poorest young people, with those from deprived homes feeling that it will be impossible for them to achieve their goals.

We simply cannot ignore this inequality.

If we fail to support our most vulnerable young people now, the north east could end up with a youth under class, who tragically feel that they have no future.

Prince’s Trust schemes – like the new National Citizen Service (NCS) course running in the north east this summer – boost young people’s confidence, while making a positive impact in their communities.

Crucially, they also help to break the cycle of poverty across the region.

But The Prince’s Trust cannot support these young people alone.

Only by working together with employers and local authorities can we raise their aspirations, transforming their lives for good.

By helping these young people today, we are breaking the cycle of poverty tomorrow.

We are encouraging school leavers looking for new skills and a confidence boost this summer to visit to find out more.


Regional Director

The Prince’s Trust North East

Units 9 & 10 Enterprise House

Kingsway North

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