Trustees are vital to charity

Last week the House of Commons and the House of Lords agreed to set up a Joint Committee to look at protecting charities and strengthening the Charities Commission.

The Committee will take evidence and produce a report which will inform any changes in the law which follows.

Charities are a vital part of our local community. There are more than 170 voluntary organisations in my constituency, supported by around 1,000 trustees.

Trustees are ultimately the people in charge of a charity. They make decisions that help charities achieve their aims and change their beneficiaries’ lives.

Although there are around 1,000 trustees in my constituency in total I also know that often people serve as trustees on more than one charity. Accountants can be worth their weight in gold.

However it’s not benefit which flows in just one direction. Being a trustee means a person can learn new skills, meet different people and develop their career. Despite this though many voluntary organisations find it difficult to recruit new trustees.

If you would like to find out more about trustee vacancies in our local area you can contact the NCVO’s Trustee Bank.

Good governance is at the heart of an effective charity. Government has a role to play in protecting the job charities do but volunteers and trustees are vital in getting the job done.