Two bikes crushed in crackdown

TWO bikes have been crushed as part of a crackdown on disruption caused by youths riding quad bikes and minimotos off road in Wallsend.

Police have responded to complaints from residents about disturbances repeatedly being caused by motorcyclists at Battle Hill.

Concerns were expressed that the rogue bikers were posing a safety threat to pedestrians and pedal cyclists.

Officers from the Wallsend neighbourhood policing team carried out an operation to tackle the problem, and a minimoto and a quad bike were seized.

The bikes, together valued at £500, were later crushed, and two youths, aged 11 and 17, were given warnings about their behaviour.

Pcs Graeme Eley and Dougie Robinson and community support officer Tim Slaney carried out the patrols that led to the bikes being seized.

Pc Eley said: “We wanted to nip this sort of behaviour in the bud and send a clear message to others that this type of conduct is not acceptable.

“Now that the evenings are beginning to stay lighter longer, people want to be able to enjoy using our outdoor spaces in safety.

“We will continue to patrol these areas to monitor behaviour over the coming weeks.”

Police have powers to seize vehicles used unlawfully off road, and owners have to pay over £100, plus a storage charge, to get them back.

Repeat offenders face having their bikes crushed.

Riders on public roads need road tax, insurance, a valid MoT certificate and the appropriate driving licence.

Owners wanting to claim their bikes back need to be able to present those documents, as well as a current registration certificate, before their bikes can be returned.

Failure to possess any of those documents is an offence.